Categories : COSMETIC

Brand : SOL



Contains argan oil and virgin coconut oil. That helps to completely remove makeup stains. Whether it’s a long-lasting makeup or oiliness on the face Can clean even mascara. Waterproof that is difficult to wash off the oil will penetrate into the pores to combine with cosmetics. And various impurities be washed off easily with water to clean the dirt which causes the clogging of pores deeply Let you reveal clear skin without wrinkles of dullness. Gives a feeling of soft and comfortable skin and refreshing, applicable to all skin types.

Direction :

  1. Press the oil cleanser onto the dry palm. Apply all over the face. For those who have dark eye makeup or lips should use an oil cleanser to wipe. Clean the area first.

  2. Spray HYDRO CE II SION all over the face and neck, the oil will turn milky, gently massage to remove dirt.

  3. Repeat massage as needed. until you can feel the cleanliness Then rinse with clean water.

Register number of FDA : 10-1-640003993

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